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The Optimization services of GSM network

In the past 11 years, with rich experiences and innovation in multi-vendor equipment optimization, and complete project management, Datang Mobile whose service guide is forcing on the user perception and improving network quality has provided the optimization services of GSM network for the major Telecom Carrier in more than 20 provinces, total of more than 50,000 base stations, nearly 400,000 of the carrier frequency. Datang Mobile has rich system optimization experiences for the GSM / GPRS equipment of major manufacturers, also be good at the optimization of wireless network and core network end to end.


Datang Mobile which has established a lot of branch structure in many provinces, cities and autonomous regions can provide high-quality GSM network optimization and planning consulting services, with a complete, scientific project management system and advanced electronic informational platform.

Routine optimization of GSM
Thematic optimization of GSM
Indoor optimization of GSM
Performance Monitoring and Evaluation of GSM
Significant communication support of GSM

Application scenario

Routine optimization guarantees the stable operation and the KPI of the network.
Thematic optimization implements the end to end optimization program.
Indoor optimization accelerate problem solving of the depth coverage.
Performance Monitoring and Evaluation guarantees the user’s experience.

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