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Wireless Communication Test Set:CTP3110

CTP3110 Wireless Communication Test Set is a test instrument offered by DTmobile to provide accurate measurement of RF parameters of mobile terminals. In addition to its all-in-one solution for wireless communication protocol simulator, signal generator, and spectrum analyzer, CTP3110 has also strong extensibility, high test speed, excellent accuracy and stability, which can reduce the test cost to the minimum in terms of the efficiency for both production and R&D.

CTP3110 Wireless Communication Test Set can be widely applied in various stages of mobile terminal production, such as board level calibration, final test, and maintenance test, as well as in the R&D and design of mobile terminals and chips. It can also be used in the terminal RF conformance verification test.


Test methods are in conformance with 3GPP RF conformance test specifications
Ensure the accuracy of the measurement as well as the test results.
Advanced measurement algorithms, higher accuracy
High test speed and outstanding performance have improved the test efficiency to the maximum.
Superior scalability
Being able to be extended from TD-SCDMA supporting to GSM, WCDMA, TDD, and PDD-LTE supporting. Its components can be extended to have the voice test function.
Standard GPIB and LAN bus control interface units
Complete batch productions test automatically through PC.
Signalling and non-signalling mode integrated test and calibration test are supported
The cases can be tested through normal signaling triggered test by establish cells or only use physical layer signal to test (non-signaling mode).
Dual antenna and dual interfaces, with each interface supporting one cell establishment
CTP3110 can be connected with two users for simultaneous testing, substantially reducing the investment cost of the customer and greatly improving the test efficiency.
Supports the RF channel of separate transmission and receiving
Enabling the customer to have separate handling of uplinks and downlinks based on actual situation,configure on their own the RF input and output, supporting both the separated mode and the combined mode.

Application scenario

TD-SCDMA terminal RF conformance test under signalling mode
The terminal will be connected with the integrated tester via ordinary call process, and start communicating with the tester in traffic channels.
TD-SCDMA terminal RF conformance test under non-signalling mode
Designed in relevance to the terminal and module production line, thereby saving the test time by about 30% in comparison with signaling mode, substantially improving the production efficiency and reducing the production cost.
TD-SCDMA terminal board level calibration under non-signaling mode
The terminal transceiver calibration include the AGC (automatic gain control) voltage, AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) voltage and APC (Automatic Power Control) voltage the three core parameters.
Voice test
Voice loop-back test,Voice test and Voice acoustic analysis.
With the help of a signal source frequency spectrograph, CTP3110 can be applied in other additional RF conformance tests
CTP3110 can be used for other additional RF conformance test items with the help of other general purpose RF instruments.

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