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Digital park solution

The so-called "digital park" is a new and different ecological environment, which is based on information technology, and designed and constructed consistent with life in the information age. It caters for the particular requirements of startups, provides an infrastructure for business operations, and takes people's lives and lifestyles into consideration. After a digital park has been established, all the entities in the park, such as government, business enterprises, and research institutes as well as the wider community are able to conduct their affairs in the digital space of the network, and all the activities in the park can proceed likewise, so as to informatize the affairs of government, business, science and education, and communities in general. The informatization process in cities in China is currently developing at an exponential rate, and so conceptually speaking, the establishment of digital parks will have broad market applicability and promising prospects.

Looking at it from a technical standpoint, the digital park is an interactive e-government system that relies on modern network systems and information technology, is based on the internet platform and is oriented to the needs and wherewithal of the public at large. From the perspective of government administration, the digital park is a new and quite different environment for the business of government administration and service delivery, based on information and telecommunication technologies applications. The operational characteristics of a digital park are such that all the administrative and service delivery functions of government are performed on an open and interactive office network platform, which is actualized with the application of information and telecommunication technologies. The aim of establishing a digital park is to create a digital network administration and service delivery environment in order to promote the development of high-tech industries.


System architecture and design
Datang Mobile's digital park overall solution consists of an online office system, a network logistics system, a portal platform for business enterprises, a network communities platform, and a network information security system.

Functions of the system
1)Online office system

The online office system includes four function modules, namely, the interactive online office platform, online application and approval of procedures, realization of data exchange and sharing with just one form, and online publication of government information. It covers a multitude of administration and examination and approval functions of more than a dozen government authorities and instrumentalities - to name a few, the science commission, planning commission, economic commission, foreign economic and trade commission, State taxation bureau, local taxation bureau, and statistics bureau. Enable internal office automation of the functions of the park administrative committee, and create an online office to facilitate interaction between the committee and member enterprises.
2)Network logistics system
The network logistics system generates more business opportunities for enterprises. Via the internet, logistics companies can be readily sourced by a greater number of cargo owners, thereby providing potential for the expansion of their businesses nationwide or even globally. Trade companies and factories can more easily identify logistics operators with the most favorable cost performance. The purpose of the online logistics system is to draw together the maximum number of cargo owners with a demand for logistics services, and also to draw together logistics companies that provide global services. It is a neutral, trusted and free online logistics market, with the aim of assisting parties seeking to requisition supply and logistics services to conduct business effectively and efficiently.
3)Enterprise portal platform
In a Datang Mobile digital park, the portal platform for business enterprises is an information release and exchange platform with an e-commerce function module. It is designed for large portal sites, and its basic function is to provide enterprises with website construction and market promotion services at a range of different levels. It synthesizes corporate email boxes, search engines and various other tools, and with the e-yellow page as its early model, it integrates database application services such as product quotations, and demand and supply information. The aim of the enterprise portal platform is to deliver comprehensive services to enterprises in the park, including the development of enterprise portal sites, product displays, classified queries, information-sharing for like resources, and BBS-based online interactive communication between enterprises. The enterprise portal site includes member management, home page, yellow page, market conditions bulletins, product displays, online promotions, enterprise news items, corporate email boxes, and a variety of forums.
4)Network communities platform
The network communities platform, which has a focus on high-tech industries, is comprised of several service communities, including those for talent, investment and financing, law and legislation, training, taxation, and general life and lifestyle. The communities integrate the potential resources of government, business enterprises, individuals and intermediary agencies, and by establishing an online platform for information exchange, ultimately facilitate communication between those various parties and enable the efficient utilization of resources. The talent community is an information exchange platform of the park's governing body. It is developed using network information technology. This platform brings together the demand for talent by local enterprises and conversely the demand for employment by that local talent, and is driven by the human resources of the agencies. The talent community has access to the information and services provided by the talent exchange center and other specialized service agencies, and enables interaction between enterprises, government and agencies, which aids in enhancing the competitiveness of the park. Technology professionals, business enterprises and agencies can all access the information at any time, and, through interaction with each other, find the resources they need. Users can access a range of information through online exchanges or through services offered by human resources agencies offline. Therefore, building a network communities platform not only mobilizes local talent resources, but also improves the local human resources environment, thereby providing an impetus to the development of high-tech industries.
5)Network information security system
With the growth of the internet, the number of internet users and traffic flow in general are also on the rise. As the growth and development of internet applications flourish, it becomes more difficult for corporate users to properly manage their networks. Because traditional network equipment cannot identify traffic information at the applications level, it has inadequate control at this level, leading to an increase in the number of grey areas in network management. For example, the corporate network is vulnerable to worms, Trojans, and other malicious attacks from the public network; enterprise web administrators cannot link the users to the applications, or regulate the behavior of intranet users; employee overuse of bandwidth, usually resulting from the use of P2P applications, occupies much of the limited bandwidth resources, such that the service quality of key applications, such as video conferencing and VOIP, cannot be guaranteed.
Datang Mobile's overall digital park solution has five distinct characteristics:
Openness, which enables it to face public users directly on the internet platform;
Interactivity, which realizes real-time online exchanges between administration staff and target clients;
Visualization, which renders the entire process of administration and service delivery visual;
One-network mode, which means with just one network platform, various government departments can work together and integrate their processes, and enterprises can simultaneously deal with multiple matters;
One-form mode, which enables enterprises and the government to exchange data, and different government departments to share data with one single form.

Typical application

The target clients of the digital park service are enterprises in the upper echelons from both within China and internationally. At the forefront of the development of high-tech industries in China, such enterprises have a more pivotal development mission and more historic responsibilities in the 21st century. Such a park with a large number of enterprises needs a more efficient administration model and more effective methods, so as to enable it to meet the demands of the growth of high-tech industries.
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