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The EOC solution for two-way transformation

The EOC solution facilitates transmission of CATV and IP signals on the same coaxial cable over the last 100 meters of the HFC two-way network without either one interfering with the other. The solution is easily managed and outdoor installation has a low failure rate, low cost, high reliability and broad bandwidth.


A strong feature of the solution is the construction of a manageable and workable telecom-level HFC multimedia broadband network based on existing HFC network resources. Capitalizing on broadcasting and TV HFC access and advantages of the telecom sector, the new network can provide broadband internet, VoIP and IPTV VOD services. The solution can be collaboratively applied by telecom carriers and broadcasting and TV outlets working together. After being combined with EPON, the solution enables two-way transformation of the digital TV network of broadcasting and TV outlets, and accelerates so-called "triple play”.

Solution advantages

Long transmission distance
The system modulates digital signals at low frequencies from 7.5-30MHz (later extending to 65MHz). The modulation will not have any effect on currently existing TV signals. Low-frequency signals have stronger attenuation-resistant capacity, so the solution is suitable for long-distance transmission within coaxial distribution networks and can be connected to Class-II amplifiers of a broadcasting and TV network. Coaxial transmission distance between local side and client side exceeds 1km.
Strong jam resistance
The system falls outside the parameters of the high-interference, low-frequency bands between 0 and 7MHz, and uses advanced OFDM modulation technology and Turbo FEC error correction to maximize jamming resistance.
Broadband and multi-user access
The system supports 200Mbps physical layer bandwidth and 100Mbps MAC layer bandwidth. Physical layer bandwidth of next-generation equipment reaches 500Mbps, and MAC layer bandwidth 300Mbps.TDMA orderly access method and CSMA competitive access method are used upstream. Local side supports up to 253 client devices.
Manageable and controllable
Frequently-used functions and system parameters of client devices can be managed and controlled from a long distance.
Compared with other domestic two-way transformation solutions, the EPON+EOC solution has the lowest cost and involves the fewest changes to the existing HFC architecture. Universal network administration country-wide, automatic service distribution, straightforward maintenance, and low cost. Broadband and additional services bring greater profits for carriers.
Compliance with international standards
The system complies with IEEE P1901/HomePlug AV. Reliable and stable broadband data transmission between fiber node and client can be realized in relatively poor coaxial cable distribution network conditions. The solution is compatible with existing HFC distribution network conditions in China.

Typical Application

EOC and EPON are applied in two-way transformation of the last 100 meters of the broadcasting and TV HFC network. The combination of EOC and EPON technologies can provide broadcasting and TV outlets with cost-effective network transformation and quality services.

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