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Broadband access solution for network upgrades

With EPON technology, one single fiber can accommodate ordinary telephone traffic, broadband data and analog TV signals to enable FTTH applications. The system is highly scalable to meet the requirements of IPTV, videoconferencing and video surveillance applications. It can also gather data from water, gas and electricity meters, access the terminal and upload the data. In addition, with EPON technology it is possible to accommodate ISDN (both data and voice), DDN and PHS services.


Datang Mobile's DTPON 3000 EPON system enables a range of solutions for FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, FTTO, FTTN and FTTV application scenarios. It can meet high bandwidth and full-service access requirements to enable operators to rapidly turn up services, and it can provide low-cost high-bandwidth and multiple services in a highly-competitive and evolving environment. As urban surveillance, traffic surveillance and other remote video surveillance demands emerge, video surveillance and video communication have become a new source of revenue for operators.

The broadcasting HFC network should be upgraded from a one-way network to a two-way network. After years of experiment and trial, and keeping pace with the latest developments in PON and Ethernet technologies, it is concluded that EPON+LAN or EPON + EOC (Ethernet over Coax) is the most appropriate broadcasting two-way HFC upgrade option. The combination of EPON-based LAN FTTH and Cable FTTH can best protect any existing HFC cable network investment and upgrade the one-way network into a two-way broadband network that can accommodate multiple services so as to assist broadcasting operators to successfully transform their strategies.

Datang Mobile's broadcasting two-way upgrade scheme, LAN or EOC FTTH, enables users to launch various services, and takes into account the authentication, billing, network management and QoS requirements of network operability.

Typical Application

New residential areas and commercial buildings
In new residential areas, fibers are laid to buildings (FTTH), and ONU+LAN equipment (or integrated ONU+LAN equipment) is installed inside the buildings to provide higher symmetric bandwidth to subscribers. In this mode, the cost is significantly lowered; the cable is connected to residential dwellings, and the end-user equipment is maintenance-free. As distinct from traditional LAN access technology, the new scheme does not require an equipment cabinet.
In low-density residential areas where service density is correspondingly low, FTTH can be used for completely passive CO-CPE connectivity to significantly improve network maintainability and reliability and increase the available bandwidth.
Large client private line access application mode
For small business users in office buildings, ONU can conduct port-based rate control, and combine EPON's SLA feature to meet client QoS requirements and operator ROI requirements.
For large customers, single-port gigabit ONU is the most appropriate choice for user access. Complete with built-in SLA functional modules, the NMS is suitable for large customer applications, and can provide different levels of service according to customers' demands.
Hosted video surveillance application mode
EPON is used for metropolitan-area video surveillance. OLT equipment can be installed at POPs in metropolitan-area IP networks to cover large areas based on long-distance EPON transmission. The EPON scheme can conserve fiber resources; This extends over a long distance for low-cost large area coverage; The intermediate equipment (between the access center and surveillance locations) does not require maintenance or additional power supply; The bandwidth is adequate and expansion quite straightforward.
Broadcasting HFC two-way upgrade
The mainstream broadcasting access network construction technology, EPON+EOC access network has the following characteristics:
Fully leverages the huge access frequency (bandwidth) resources of the HFC network; An actual triple-play physical network that simultaneously supports TV, voice and data services; Full-duplex IP links featuring symmetric rate, high bandwidth and high QoS guarantee; Provides high-bandwidth HD-based interactive services; Large scale, wide coverage and high concurrency; No need to upgrade the cable, low network upgrade cost, high reliability and maintainability; Linear relationship between business development and investment; Consistent with the direction of future developments in FTTH technology.
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